About this Event
Bringing university and high school students to the table to source innovative solutions for reducing food waste.
This event is a part of Florida Food Waste Prevention Week.


Who can participate ?
The event is open to all university and high-school students in the
State of Florida.

Choose your track


Ideas Track

Participants develop ideas and concepts to create an implementation plan.


Technology Track

Participants design a prototype of a mobile app or a website.


Who can participate ?
The event is open to all university and high-school students in the State of Florida.


The Video: Upload your work to Youtube. Make it public visibility. Your video should include the following details:
  • State the problem related to food waste that you opted to solve.
  • Name of team members and your organization's mentor with pictures.
  • Role of team members in the project and their expertise areas.
  • Problem solution description.

            What is the uniqueness/novelty added by you to the defined problem statement?

            How is the proposed solution effective than the existing?

            Define the scope of work to be implemented in the project with modules etc.

  • Diagrammatic Representation of the process flows.
  • Additional Requirements Technology Track :

 Technologies/Platform/APIs used

 Architecture diagram of the project if applicable.

 Elaborate the frameworks/tools used for UI/UX design.

Video Length:

  • Upload a 2 - 3 minutes video of the working solution, explain the steps of your solution developed.

Terms and Conditions Document:

  • Upload the signed Terms and Conditions document in a .doc/.pdf format stating the originality of the submitted work.

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$2,400 in prizes

Best Overall (High School)

Best Idea (High School)

Best Tech (High School)

Popular Category (High School)

Best Overall (University Track)

Best Idea (University Track)

Best Tech (University Track)

Popular Category (University)

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


Food Future Hack

John Buschman

John Buschman

Teddy LHoutellier

Teddy LHoutellier
University of Miami

Maria De Pena
Code Explorers

Eduard L J  de Veer

Eduard L J de Veer

Evan Peskin

Evan Peskin
Good Samaritan Meals

Vanitha Preston

Ramiro Murguia

Rachel Azaroff

Chris Daniels

Yariel Diaz

Yariel Diaz

Ryan Nielsen

Ryan Nielsen

Jenn Bynoe
Agritrace Institute

Joanna Berens

Lanette Sobel

Lanette Sobel

Peter Cooke

Peter Cooke

Andrew  Dennis

Andrew Dennis

Sarah Sommerauer

Sarah Sommerauer

Ziynet Boz

Ziynet Boz

Dan Meeroff

Dan Meeroff

Elaine Fiore

Erin Price

Kim Charick

Kim Charick

Rafael Garrido

Ye Zhang

Ye Zhang
Florida Atlantic University

Alejandro Enamorado

Alejandro Enamorado

Chris Perry

Chris Perry

Rob McGehee
Arizona State University

Jacqueline Kolb
Arizona State University

Camrynne Karr

Camrynne Karr
Arizona State University

Divinity Martin-Long
Arizona State University

Judging Criteria

  • Food Waste Reduction
    Does this solution solve the problem of reducing food waste?
  • Feasibility
    Will this solution be easy to implement? How long would it take to start?
  • Innovation
    Is this solution unique to the industry? Does it go beyond the problem?
  • Sustainability of the idea
    Can the solution remain viable for a prolonged period?
  • Adaptability
    Does this solution follow the rules given for the scenario? Idea must be saleable Idea must have a lasting, long term impact. Idea must go beyond signage
  • Outside University Settings
    Can this idea be used in different segments outside of a university setting?
  • Clarity of Video Content & Message
    Is the video used to help present the idea is clear?
  • Does it qualify for best submission entry ?
    If it is idea does it qualify for Best Idea/Best Tech entry. Click on the stars (disagree - 1 star, fully agree - 5 stars)

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